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While Adidas has gained fame for its swift and race-ready Adizero line, its road training offerings have remained relatively subdued for years.

However, a significant transformation is underway with the launch of the Supernova Rise, the inaugural shoe in a new line of top-tier Supernova training shoes.

Boasting a novel midsole material and a lightweight design, Adidas is making a strong comeback in crafting high-performance daily training shoes, suggesting that they might just be scratching the surface of their potential in this realm.

The Adidas Supernova Rise stands out as a neutral daily training shoe, showcasing a PEBA-based midsole and a fresh design approach from Adidas.

Boasting the innovative Dreamstrike midsole, it delivers a well-cushioned and moderately bouncy experience in the heel, complemented by a highly rockered forefoot that propels you forward. The snug upper, breaking in over time, offers a normal to slightly snug fit with added security from a robust toe guard.

Drawing inspiration from Adidas’ performance line, this shoe features high-quality elements, a significantly reduced weight, and a ride suitable for both daily training and quicker efforts. Ideal for those seeking a comfortable, controlled, and responsive shoe for daily miles and uptempo sessions, the Supernova Rise marks Adidas’ successful venture into a lighter, performance-focused direction.

The Adidas Supernova Rise, designed for daily and uptempo running, introduces a full-length Dreamstrike midsole crafted from PEBA-based foam.

While not an overly bouncy super foam, it offers controlled bounce, mainly concentrated in the heel, with a more compliant than resilient feel. It feels most natural at easier paces but, thanks to its reduced weight, it accommodates uptempo runs.

The shoe features a substantial posterior heel flare and lateral bevel for smoother transitions, though the initial rearfoot clunkiness diminishes with break-in. The 10mm drop is noticeable initially but becomes less prominent with foam compression. The highly rockered ride, aided by midsole rods, provides a snappy midfoot feel, and the forefoot, with substantial toe spring and rocker, transitions smoothly at various paces.

The Adidas Supernova Rise excels in daily training, long runs, and occasional uptempo efforts. Its rockered ride is well-suited for extended runs, and those with a slightly forward landing will find it particularly comfortable for easier paces. The shoe handles faster efforts like light tempos and fartleks decently, with improved performance at slightly quicker paces, thanks to its design that minimizes the impact of the large heel.

While offering decent traction, the Supernova Rise truly shines in durability. The smooth outsole, primarily designed for road running, can handle mild trails but is best suited for smoother surfaces. Remarkably durable, the outsole shows minimal wear even after 38 miles, indicating an above-average lifespan for daily training shoes.

As a neutral daily training shoe, the Supernova Rise lacks sidewalls or traditional stability features. The notable posterior lateral flare provides some lateral guidance at the heel strike, and the rods contribute mild torsional stiffness. The midfoot maintains a stable width, making it a dependable and subtly guided neutral option.

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