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HELAZ is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Malaysia Pro Cycling (MPC), Terengganu, and Kedah for the Thailand Mountain Bike Cup Championship on January 16-17 2024, in Kanchanaburi, Thailand.

The collaboration involves selected cyclists guided by local coaches, with male cyclists trained by Terengganu coach Mr. Mohd Arif Syukri Ahmad Sabti and female cyclists under the guidance of Ms. Noor Alfizar bt Othman from Kedah. Overall team management is led by Mr. Ismazuan Ismail from HELAZ.

The team departed on January 13 2024, for acclimatization, gearing up for the international challenge and preparation for the National Road Championships – Malaysia (March 7-10 2024) and the Asian Continental Championships – XCO – DHI – XCR – XCE 2024 in Malaysia (May 10-12 2024).

List of Names and Roles in the Team:

  1. Mr. Ismazuan Bin Ismail – Manager
  2. Mr. Mohd Arif Syukri Bin Ahmad Sabti – Male Coach
  3. Mr. Muhammad Azry Zulkarnain Yuhanis – Male Assistant Coach
  4. Ms. Noor Alfizar bt Othman – Female Coach
  5. Mr. Muhammad Abdullah As Suhaimi Zariff – Mechanic

List of State & Club Cyclists:

Malaysia Pro Cycling (MPC)

  1. Ahmad Syazrin Bin Awang Ilah – Men Elite
  2. Muhammad Zahin Bin Wahhi – Men Elite
  3. Muhammad Syawal Bin Mazlin – Men U-23 & Elite


  1. Muhammad Fahmi Bin Khairul – Men Elite
  2. Zulfikri Bin Zulkifli – Men Elite
  3. Nor Deena Safia Nor Effandy – Women U-23 & Elite

Terengganu –

  1. Saniy Syu Aib Bin Mohd Safiee – Men U-23 & Elite

Kedah –

  1. Phi Kun Pan – Women U-23 & Elite
  2. Nurul Nabilah Binti Mohd Asri – Women U-23 & Elite
  3. Anis Natasya Binti Ahmad – Women U-23 & Elite
  4. Nur Fitrah Shaari – Women U-23 & Elite

HELAZ, Malaysia Pro Cycling (MPC), Terengganu, and Kedah are dedicated to ensuring success in the Thailand Mountain Bike Cup, embodying collaboration, camaraderie, and excellence in mountain biking.

Facing global competition from teams like Chinese Taipei, Go4Gold, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, and Japan, this championship not only tests international prowess but also prepares for upcoming events like the National Road Championships in Malaysia (March 7-10, 2024) and Asian Continental Championships – XCO – DHI – XCR – XCE 2024 in Malaysia (May 10-12, 2024).

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